Our Facility

Facility Description

HWC Women's Research Center has a fully operational facility in North Dayton. Our expert staff members ensure compliance with protocol, good clinical practices (GCP), and International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines including:

  • Locked study offices, storage area for study documents, locked alarmed refrigerator, double locked study drug cabinets and lab, accessible only to physicians and clinical research coordinator (CRC) conducting research at our site.

  • Archived study material stored in a secured off site facility.

  • -20 degree freezer

  • CRCs are SAF-T-PAK Certified for shipping of specimens (IATA) and dry ice on site

  • CLIA waiver-lab facilities with centrifuge

  • All equipment calibrated yearly including BP cuffs, scales, centrifuge, microscope, colposcope, hysteroscopy equipment, ultrasound and autoclave.

  • Digital thermometers in study office, drug cabinets, and refrigerator; temperature logs documented daily.

  • ECG machine

  • Central Laboratories

  • Affiliation with four hospitals

  • Private area for monitors with internet access and phone, copy machine and fax also accessible.

  • Utilizes central Institutional Review Board (IRB)